The Wooden Whisk is an unique Dublin experience. Sit in, relax and enjoy the delightful aroma of home or enjoy the delicious cakes, gourmet sandwiches, pastries or coffee on the go. Located in the heart of Dublin, The Wooden Whisk is best known for its quality, value and true, delicate sweetness. Coffee from around the world to satisfy every visitors taste. Finest bakers and Barista create a wonderful experience that you will never forget and want to return for more, again and again. If it is a slice of decadence with friends or a pick me up in the morning there is no better quality or value in the fair city. We dare you to experience The Wooden Whisk but we warn you: it’s addictive, it’s unique and you will want more! Open 7 days per week: Mon-Fri 7.30-19.30, Sat and Sun 8.30-18.30.

94 Talbot Street, D1.
Located 150m from The Spire.
t. (+353) (0)1 878 2858