Lakeside Brae, Clarkill Rd, Castlewellan, BT31 9RH, t. (+44) (0) 28 4377 8900
Our adventures got up and fl owing on
the banks of the Whitewater in 1996.
Upriver in the Mountains of Mourne, on
our 5th generation family farm. Over the
years we experimented and produced
many diff erent beers. Some of them
fi rsts of their kind in Ireland, some of
them lasts of their kind, and some still
remain with us to this day. With hard
work and perseverance our beer, born
in a barn by the river, was really fl owing. Until eventually we reached a point where we
needed a “bigger shed.” Now we are proud to open our new home for the Whitewater
Brewing Company and Tap House. Brewery Tours (please book in advance) We’ll show
you round our brewery, and how we make some of our award-winning brews, then
head back to the new tap house where you can try some ales & hear some tales.
Tours are available through booking only. Each tour lasts approximately 1 hour.
for more info on tour times and availability visit

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