Legends of O’Cahan’s

Many of the legends of the O’Cahans are remembered in place names. The best example of this is the town of Limavady. The name Limavady itself comes from the story of how the faithful hound of an O’Cahan chief leaped a gorge on the River Roe to get help during an unexpected enemy attack. Another version of the tale tells how the chief made the giant leap on horseback to escape pursuers, they being unable to attempt the same feat. A horseshoe shaped print on the rock of the far bank is used to support this legend.
Ancient Fueds: In 1830 there was a long dispute between the O’kanes and McCloskeys over a spot of land in the Benady Glen, it was decided by both sides that the dispute should be settled by the sword, with honour and credit to both parties. Two champions were chosen as being fitted to fight the duel. They where John O’Kane and Bernard McCloskey, the two duellists arrived at the appointed time and where provided with ancient swords of each respective family. However the police intervened and put the two duellist under arrest before the issue could be settled.

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