62 South Great Georges Street D2, t. +353 (0)1 478 9130,, World.Music.Store,
Gandharva Loka is Ireland’s most diverse musical
instrument shop with everything from Guitars to
Indian Sitar’s. The Irish owed business has a fine
selection of Irish made whistles, flutes, bodhrans
and harps; World instruments from all over the
globe; and Healing instruments such as Tibetan
singing bowls, energy chimes and handpans.
Gandharva Loka is famous for it’s friendly, inviting
atmosphere and the staff are always delighted
to demonstrate and share inspiration about
their unique instruments. Furthermore they run
regular Irish music concerts and whistle/bodhran
workshops in their event space. Gandharva Loka,
meaning ‘Home of Celestial Musicians’, is a must
for every music lover.
Open: Mon-Sat 10am-6pm, Sun 12.30-

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