The famous nine glens, endowed with evocative names and blessed with a diversity of landscape are also rich in history,
in folklore and in the natural beauty that is a world away from the frantic bustle of modern life. There are woods, waterfalls, riverside paths, viewpoints and forest parks.

Nine in number, all along the Antrim Coast road:
» Glencloy – The glen of the hedges
» Glenarm – The glen of the army
» Glenariff – The fertile glen
» Glenballyeamon – Edwardstown glen
» Glencorp – The glen of the slaughtered
» Glenaan – The glen of the colts foot
» Glendun – The glen of the brown river
» Glenshesk – The sedgy glen
» Glentaisie – The glen of taisie of the bright sides

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