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Taste the real flavour of Dublin City with the Irish Food Trail & Tapas Trail
Dublin. Our tasting and cultural walking tours bring you through Dublin City’s
most delicious and historic neighbourhoods. Taste local Irish produce paired with
locally produced speciallity drinks on the Irish Food Trail. If your after international
cuisine try the Tapas Trail Dublin. We visit Spanish, Italian, Mexican, French and
Asian eateries. We provide a “non-touristy” experience so you feel like a native local
Dubliner! Each tour includes food & drink tastings from the best specialty restaurants,
ethnic eateries, and local pubs, as well as an “off-the-beaten-path” glimpse
of life in Dublin – the history, culture, architecture, and entertainment offerings.

Meeting place 1, 13i F5, A7, Meeting place 2, 13ii F5