Designer Francis Campelli has been involved in the manufacture of Mackintoshes for over 30 years, but the story of ‘The Mack’ dates back to 1823 when Scotsman Charles Macintosh patented his famous waterproof fabric. Then, in 1889, a Manchester manufacturer expanded to Ireland, and these popular garments were exported to countries as far as the US, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. They also became the official raincoat to the Irish State Police, Army Officers and staff of Irish Rail and the Post & Telegraph Service. In 1983 the company was acquired by Francis Campelli who, determined to refine this in-demand fabric, developed an odourless version that would retain its properties in extreme weather. The resulting Double Texture Cotton, with a hi-tech breathable membrane bonded between two layers of cotton, is waterproof, windproof and durable, as well as dry cleanable and hand-washable. For almost 200 years, generations of craftsmen have produced these fashionable and functional raincoats that are as in-demand today as they were was all those years ago. Open Mon-Sat 11am – 6pm.

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